Importance of Support

Good Afternoon (or whatever it may be for you)! Today I learned a hard lesson. It was the importance of having emotional support through the preparation and application process. It is tough having to come up with the means to pay for everything and even harder when jobs post-graduation are scarce and competitive.  

For me, discouragement is inevitable but failure is never an option. Therefore, it is so important to have at least one person in your corner. The process is daunting but can be easier with a strong support system. 


One thought on “Importance of Support

  1. I’m so humbled to read this post. I tried to get on the premed track three years ago and had to walk away as I needed to work full time to support myself. I am only able to pick back up through the support of my significant other. And sometime I forget how hard it is for men who are typically the breadwinners. I’m wishing you luck. Keep pushing.

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